by Earth That Was

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released May 20, 2017

All songs written and performed by Earth That Was.



all rights reserved


Earth That Was Charlotte, North Carolina

Earth That Was is:

Slappy Thursday - Vox & Keys
Andy Weant - Guitar
Carli Klecak - Bass
Eric Kane - Drums

We make SciFi rock tunes.

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Track Name: Tyreido
I dream of a blue sun blazing the sea
Storms swelling gently behind red trees
I dream of the smell of the fields in the rain
and the last day I saw it, burning in pain

Tyreido, my homeworld, still screams in my mind
Those days of blood and fire flash through me
Her ravaged globe now an empty rind
Her memories give no comfort to me

Left behind my heart the night I fled
Everybody I used to know is dead
Now I wander the galaxy alone
I'll never know another home

I dream of the arc of an indigo sky
Shattered by lasers and rocket fire
I dream of cool breezes relieving the heat
Turned acrid and foul blowing down empty streets

Tyreido, you still turn around the blue sun
We took for granted shining on us
We yielded to armoured invaders with guns
We couldn't stop the tides of chaos

Track Name: Invasion
First came the sound, shaking tree and house, an angry shout exclaimed for hours
Thick in the lungs, every time you breathed, you choked on sound that just grew louder
Then there were clouds boiling furiously, spitting shards of deadly light
Raking the land, searing wounds of black across my home's familiar sights

They landed on the broken streets,
Marched through blood and smoking bones
Crushed our hearts beneath their feet
They trampled my peaceful home

My craft was small, barely fired upon, I dodged exploding ships and shrapnel
I flew deranged, set on fire by fear, weaving through chaotic battle
I broke the edge of the silent black, the slaughter blazing just behind me,
And set a course for the nearest star, my helpless rage a light inside me

Left behind me broken streets
Soaked with blood and choked with bones
Haunted by those marching feet
That trampled my peaceful home
Track Name: Survivor's Guilt (City Planet Life)
Haven't seen the stars for years now.
These skies reflect a never-ending neon nightmare
Each day's a wash of moments, lonely and bland.

Life is nothing but a relic,
Left from when my body had a point to breathing
Beat heart, you have no rhythm, in this iron land.

When will I stop longing for you? Longing for you?

Haven't seen the stars for years now.
Never thought I'd miss their cold and austere brilliance.
Each day I plan the moment of my escape

Life is nothing but a relic,
Good for nothing but one last-ditch, crazy gamble
Far from this light pollution, in uncharted space

Then I can stop longing for you. Longing for you.
Track Name: Miner's Life (Tellurium)
Airless and barren as a whore, she spins slowly 'round her star
My drill inches towards the ore she's buried deep within her secret heart

My dome shudders with the sound of the drill's incessant clatter
I work alone with my sensors to the ground, waiting to find
what I'm after

Tellurium to fuel my ship's machine
And enough left over to bankroll my dreams
Tellurium is what I need, crack this asteroid open and
Watch her bleed

Lost count of long sidereal nights, if I had a family I would miss them
Never seen a lonelier sight than this life-forsaken system

Her pull is weakening my bones, so I'll push my drill faster
Until she gives it up I can't get off this stone, she's gotta give me
what I'm after


Blast off, I send out a distress, that I know no one will answer
This gamble left me in a pretty mess, but I got
what I was after